Funeral of Tony Diaz

Tuesday 9th March 2021, 10.30 am 

Order of Service – please feel free to download the Order of Service from the link below. As we cannot sing in church we hope you will sing for us wherever you are.

Welcome to our parish celebration for the life of Tony Diaz. 

Given the unfortunate times we live in, we would like to encourage as many friends and family members of Tony, who can’t join us in church due to current restrictions, to join us online, via our livestream of his Funeral Mass. Please join in as fully as you can. 

The livestream itself will be started 10-15 mins before the service is due to begin and can be watched directly from this page.

If, for some reason, the live feed on this page doesn’t work too well, the two alternative sources for watching the funeral on the day are:

Three short pieces of organ music will be played before the funeral service begins. These were recorded by Johann a few weeks ago and are hymns that were sung at Tony & Jeanne’s wedding on 4th March 1961 (60 years ago last week). They are ‘O Perfect Love’, ‘Look Down O Mother Mary’ and ‘Sweet Saviour Bless Us'.

Johann & Jeff Diaz and Tony’s wider family would like to join us in thanking you for being present, to give thanks to God for the life of this wonderful man. We pray you will be blessed in the power of God’s Holy Spirit as you do.

If you wish to be in touch with the family, please feel free to email them at