Coronavirus Information

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Live-streamed Mass - Sundays (with music) at 10.30 am on Facebook or YouTube.

COVID-19 Protocols for public Mass 
  1. The church can accommodate a maximum of 80 people at a time at a 1.5 metre distance; no booking necessary; first come, first served. 
  2. Please bring a face covering which must be worn during Mass.  Please see below for exemptions.
  3. One way system - entrance through front door and exit as directed by the stewards. 
  4. On arrival, you will be asked to provide your name and telephone number. This list will be kept for 21 days to aid with NHS Test and Trace.  It is very helpful if you can bring a card with your name and telephone number on it to show to the stewards.
  5. Sanitise your hands as you enter the Church, wait to be let in and seated by a steward. 
  6. All hymn books, Mass sheets, and all other shared materials have been removed from the church. The Repository is not available and will be closed – even for cards – for the present. The “Water Dispenser” has been removed so please bring your own bottled water.
  7. At Mass there will be no congregational singing and no choir and the Mass will be shorter than usual.
  8. There is no Offertory Procession or Collection. There will be no procession to the altar, but the priest will come straight on to the altar and start Mass. There will be no altar servers.
  9. There will be one reader at Mass. 
  10. Only the priest or deacon will distribute communion at Mass so that the procession for communion stays in single file. People should maintain social distancing and follow the one-way system to and from their seats. The people should receive communion in the hand.  Anyone not receiving communion is welcome to join the procession for a blessing.
  11. The church will be thoroughly cleaned between Masses. 
  12. After the Dismissal, please leave the church immediately as guided by the stewards.
Exemptions from wearing a facemask in Church

On Friday 31 July 2020 the Government announced that rules on face coverings are being extended to include places of worship. This is enforceable by law with effect from 8 August 2020.

According to Government Guidelines there are two exemptions:

  1. Children under 11. (However, we encourage them to wear one. Children under 3 should not wear face masks).
  2. Those with disabilities or certain health conditions such as respiratory or cognitive impairments.  Please note a disability is not always visible.

Private Prayer

The church is not currently open for Private Prayer.  

This page was updated on 9 April 2021